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We've had a little break. But we are back to give you one more chance to celebrate recovery this year, and boy, what a year it has been! 

Our next Day of Gratitude is on the 20th Dec 2020, click on the image or the link below for flyer details

click the link above to see our flyer which holds more information and direct links to the Zoom meeting ID's 




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Want more Zoom meetings?

The website is advertising Online meetings for fellowship members mainly in America, there are a few other countries listed but not many on UK times. Take a look to see what might suit you.

Al-Anon UK -General service office (GSO) are not currently listing any online meetings on their UK website. So no official listing exists.

There is a website that has been created by an Al-anon Member, which is trying to list as many UK Online meetings as people are willing to share. You may find this useful if you are looking for a meeting on UK time.