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Our next Day of Gratitude is on the 30th May 2020

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What to expect on or workshop day.

Our workshop day will be a little different to our previous events.

Will have x3 slightly longer sessions, focusing on different elements of personal growth. We will encourage you to participate by reflecting on the questions posed and we hope for lots of interactions from the floor.
We will post some of the questions being used here, before the day, so you can read along or take some time to consider on them privately afterwards.

Our intension is to try and manage the audience in smaller groups for the first two sessions, allowing greater opportunity for individual sharing. Our last session will remain in the main room and allow for a longer share from our speaker followed by feed back from the floor. This feedback might be as a response to the speakers share, a reflection on personal experience of service or questions to our speaker about their own experiences of service. (Please remember that our speaker is not an 'expert' or 'authority' in Al-Anon and that their response will be solely based on that individuals personal journey)

We hope to see you there.

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Al-Anon UK -General service office (GSO) are not currently listing any online meetings on their UK website. So no official listing exists.

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