A.-... Without Borders

A.-... Without Borders (AWB) is also running various online conventions and work shop days on US times. Please do check them out if you can. We've linked to their flyers below. Many of their speakers have been recorded and you can find these to listen to on the either MSBrecordings  or Amotaudio websites. http://www.msbrecording.com/al-anon-zoom-meetings/     or   https://amotaudio.com/zoom-conferences

'Day of Gratitude' is trying hard not to clash with events days and times. This is so that we can both provide members with the opportunity to listen to the experience strength and hope of fellowships members affected by alcoholism.

AWB took the lead in providing this type of platform so we are very grateful to them for their experience and help in getting us started. We (the committee) feel privileged to be working towards the same goal - To help families and friends of Alcoholics.


Email them at: AWBROUNDUP@gmail.com